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The Domaine du Salvard :


The place is built the area holds many mysteries ... It would have been built near the traces of an ancient castle of the Middle Ages of which only a few stones. It is said that the Estate was once attached to the Lordship of Fougères: another Castle built and rebuilt between the 11th and 14th centuries. (Very beautiful fortified castle which can be visited)

It is also said that this place served as a place of justice. Doesn't his name Salvard or Salvert mean "salvation"?


Let's go back to the present:


The Wine Estate:

Around 1900 our grandfather, Maurice Delaille, bought "Le Salvard", an estate located in the commune of Fougères sur Bièvre. He modernized it, restored it little by little and replanted the vine. Later his son Gilbert and his wife Lise take over.

Over the years, the farm has grown from 10 hectares of vines in 1965 to 30 hectares in 1993, to currently reach 45 hectares of this precious crop. The young “bosses” Emmanuel and Thierry, of the 5th generation continue the work with passionate love and maintain this know-how.

The Estate mainly produces white Cheverny and exports 90% of this divine beverage abroad: United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, Maldives and Dom-Tom ...

For a few years now, Domaine du Salvard has had a modern winery with air conditioning. It is a plus for winemaking and practical for sustainable cultivation!

               The Vineyard :


The culture of the vine is very old. It was developed as early as the 6 th century, when clergymen were installed in neighboring abbeys and monasteries. Then, the Counts of Blois (11th century) by Edicts regulated (already !!) the plantations.
Later François 1er arrived and very much appreciated the wines of Cheverny ... the Appellation was launched ...

The vineyard covers 24 municipalities in the South of the Loire between Tours and Orléans. That is to say between the nearby Sologne and the Touraine Loir and Chérienne.

Of the 500 hectares making up the AOC Cheverny Appellation, the Estate operates 45 hectares, 90% of which are planted with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The remaining 10% is made up of red grape varieties: Pinot noir and Gamay.

The vine is cultivated on hillsides and trays made of clay with flint or siliceous silt.

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Emmanuel et Thierry Delaille - Vignerons

Vins Cheverny Delaille domaine du Salvard 41120 Fougeres sur bievre

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